Save the Snacks

Save the Snacks is an HTML5 in-browser arcade game based on the Cartoon Network show, Steven Universe, where your goal is to survive as long as possible while collecting snacks and avoiding hoards of crystal shrimp. It is designed in the style of mobile gameplay as seen in the CN Arcade App.

I began developing this project in tandem to my responsibilities as a Games Production Intern at Cartoon Network Digital over the Summer of 2019.

As a solo developer, I was responsible for:

  • Meeting production milestones
  • Game, technical, and art design
  • Writing all pre-production documentation
  • Gameplay scripting in Phaser/Js
  • Creating/implementing game assets

During my two months of development time I was able to deliver builds to the Cartoon Network team for review and feedback up until Beta phase. I walked away from this experience having learned new skills including: coding in JavaScript, implementing responsive design, setting milestones and meeting delivery dates, crafting detailed documentation, and an understanding the role of a producer and their relationship to individual vendors.

View my code on GitHub!

Click below to view my pre-production documentation.

  • My Role: Solo Developer

  • Duration: June - August 2019

  • Internship:
    Games Production, Cartoon Network Digital

  • Tools:
    Phaser Js, Photoshop, Texture Packer, Tiled Map Editor

  • Skills:
    Level Design, System Architecture, Gameplay Scripting