pizza roll!

Pizza Roll! is a 3D Katamari-style game where your goal is to roll up the correct pizza ingredients before time runs out. It was designed and developed in 72 hours on the 2019 Train Jam to GDC from Chicago to San Francisco.

There was no internet available on this train ride, which meant we had collaborate with other train jam attendees in order to find answers to our development questions. Train Jam provided each of us with flash drives that contained asset packages that we were allowed to use in our projects.

My responsibilities included:

  • 3D modeling an array of low-poly collectibles

  • Vertex color painting in Blender

  • Designing and blocking out the level in Unity

I was responsible for blocking out the kitchen environment using assets that I selected and compiled for our project. The goal was to arrange the scene in a way that it could be easily traversed by a rolling ball of pizza dough, so I made careful considerations to place objects like ramps and bridge-like items in certain areas to give the player access to all parts of the kitchen.

After the stage was laid out, I was tasked with designing the arrangement of collectible pizza toppings in the stage. Many of these toppings I modeled and painted myself in Blender. I had to keep in mind the core mechanic of the game, which was rolling up items in order to get bigger and roll up more items. I deliberately placed collectibles of increasing size in clusters to help direct the player in navigating the stage and eventually reaching the end goal.


Scroll through some of the collectibles I modeled and painted!

My Roles: Level Designer, 3D Artist

Skills: 3D Modeling, Game Design

Tools: Unity Engine, Blender

Event: Train Jam 2019

Duration: 3 days (March 2019)

Links: GitHub |

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